In 2012, I purchased a food truck and Babycakes was born.  My goal was to reinvent pancakes by adding gourmet ingredients, global influences, and innovative presentation.  Pancakes, in Babycakes form, can be served for any meal or occasion, from the most savory breakfast to the most elegant wedding reception or cocktail party.

I have created over 250 original pancake recipes, been featured on The Food Network three times (Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen and Homemade in America with Sunny Anderson), as well as Fox Chicago News, NBC News, The Travel Channel, WCIU's show You and Me in the Morning, and PBS Chicago's Food on the Go.  Three of my pancake recipes are featured on The Food Network's website.

This company has grown to far more than just a food truck. The focus has turned to corporate catering and events as diverse as children's birthday parties, bar mitzvah's and weddings.  My plans for the future include a cookbook, a retail space, and much more.  Babycakes is growing!

Catering photos:

Making pancakes with Sunny Anderson for The Food Network

Meet Sweetheart, my pretty red truck!

Here is a link the the Babycakes Web Site

Also, a link to the video we created of the first test drive of the truck. Driving the Truck!

The Babycake's Story.

Here is another great promo video... syrup lovingly being poured over pancakes!

Watch for more content!


  1. Are these you famous cinnnamon and birthday cale pancakes?

  2. Do you think you'll ever publish a cookbook with your yummy recipes in them?

    1. Hey Kilolo! I'm working on it : ) It's taking much more time than I imagined because I never measure or write down recipes... so I basically have to reinvent each one. But I have a food photographer I'm working with and hope to publish it within the next 3-4 months!