Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mad Hatter Tea Party Menu

The Mad Hatter's Menu
Executive Chef: Alice

Appetizers             The Caterpillar's Delight     
                                      spicy stuffed mushrooms with bacon

                           Mock Turtle Shells
                                      chorizo and black bean phyllo cups

                           Cunning Croquet Balls   
                                      gorgonzola and bacon truffles
                                      cheddar and sun dried tomato truffles
Salads                   Painting the Salad Red
                                      caprese salad skewers

                           Jabberwocky Slaw
                                      polynesian coleslaw with peanut-sesame dressing

Tea Sandwiches      The Hatter's Dirfteenth Sandwich
                                      curried chicken salad sandwich

                           King's Carnivorous Dreamwich
                                      italian sandwich with basil pesto
Entrees                 All Rise for the Roast Beast!
                                      rib eye roast
                           Leg of Flamingo
                                      sweet and spicy drumsticks
Desserts              The Queen of Hearts Cupcakes                   
                           Checkered Chocolate Mousse Cups                   
                           Curiouser & Curiouser Cinnamon Scones    
                           Pilfered Petit Fours
Drinks                 Long Island Iced Tea          
                           Strawberry Vodka Lemonade 
                           Vodka Lemonade        

Sorry, jam yesterday, jam tomorrow, but, no jam today!

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