Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mammoth Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Sandwich

I saw a version of this sandwich on Man vs Food and it couldn't be helped - I went into the kitchen and made it right away.  Luckily for my own health, but unfortunately for the arteries of my boyfriend, I fed it to him and then went off and ate a granola bar.  A girl has to watch her weight...

Basically, this is a bacon and egg sandwich between two grilled cheese sandwiches.
4 pieces white bread
4 strips crisp, freshly cooked bacon
3 slices cheddar cheese
1 tbsp butter
2 eggs, fried
Melt 1 tbsp of butter in a skillet large enough to hold two sandwiches. Place two slices of bread on top of butter.  Place one slice of cheddar cheese on each slice of bread.  Cover each sandwich with second piece of bread.  After a few seconds, flip the sandwiches and continue cooking until toasted on each side.

While sandwiches are browning, cook bacon slices until crisp.  Drain on paper towels and set aside.

Melt the other tbsp of butter in a second skillet and crack eggs into butter.  Season with salt and pepper.  Once firm, turn eggs over and cook until slightly brown and crisp.

To assemble sandwich, place one grilled cheese sandwich on the bottom, then layer the slices of bacon, the unmelted slice of cheese, two eggs, and the second grilled cheese sandwich.  Hooray!

Tips - On the show, the other ingredient was a full 1/2 pound burger. This seemed dangerously hedonistic, but I would have made it... until I discovered I didn't have any hamburger.  Besides, it was 11 am, a bit early for a sandwich with two different kinds of meat.  Maybe next time!

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