Friday, May 20, 2011

Throw a Rock Band Party

Last year, for Kyle's birthday, he didn't want a big shindig.  So, I just flew two people in from out of town to surprise him, made a cake shaped like a guitar, and gave him a Rock Band party!  I did honor his wishes in a small way, by only inviting about 10 people.
Kyle's friend Sean flew in from California.  I pretended to have plans and went to pick him up from the airport.  On the way back to the apartment, I had a brilliant idea to dress him up like a present, so we stopped and bought some wrapping paper and ribbons and bows.  Sean lay down on the floor in front of our door, covered in paper and embellishments.  Needless to say, when Kyle answered, he was quite startled.
I decorated the cake exactly like Kyle's bass.  This was not an easy cake to conceal all day!
I also flew in my beloved brother Lee.  When we first bought Rock Band, he was a legendary member of our band (Leah Jean & the Rippers!), so we couldn't have the party without him!
My friend Kate and I dressed up for the occasion.  Finally, an opportunity to wear the leather leggings I had bought on a whim months before!  And the sequin vest, ahem - don't ask, I have crazy ideas about the sort of items that need to be added to my wardrobe.
As you can see from the pics, we pretty much all enjoy a chance to dress up like fools.
I also got a pinata for the event.  They didn't have anything with the proper theme, so I got a winking pirate. Also, since it was the dead of winter, we had to do this in the dining room!
The pinata didn't last very long...
Then we had a little dance party.
And finally, the main event, the game!
Rock and roll will never die.

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