Wednesday, April 11, 2012

White Chocolate Marshmallow Tree

This is more of a sudden craft project than a recipe, but it was fun and cute, so I figured I'd post it!

These "tree" foam shapes can be found at any craft store and just cost a couple of dollars.  I have used them before to make appetizer trees.  Here is an example: Appetizer and Dessert Trees.

Anyway, for my New Year's party (yes, just posting about this now...) I purchased a few of the foam shapes thinking I might make something with them and at the last minute, was inspired to create the one you see above.

It was quite simple, if a bit time consuming.  I dipped mini marshmallows in vanilla almond bark, then rolled them in colored sprinkles and lay them out on wax paper to dry.  Once the chocolate was firm, I stuck toothpicks into the marshmallows and attached them in alternating colors to the tree.

The marshmallows tasted delicious with the candy coating and sprinkles, and guests enjoyed grabbing a tiny morsel or two off the tree.  It would be fun to make a very elaborate one with various colors.  Another idea I have seen is to use regular size truffles on the toothpicks, making it into a Christmas or ornamental tree.  Or, you can do a tree entirely of multi colored olives.... so many options!

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