Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Year's Celebration

There is no reason it should have taken 4 months to write this post.  But, as some of you know, my apartment burned down a week after I had this party and it just made me depressed to look at these pretty pictures and think about the ruins of our old place.

Things are better now... I have a shiny new apartment and will get new decorations to match!  And, the six foot tall dancing couple you see above somehow survived the fire and will live to dance at another party!  I have to say I thought I was a genius when I adorned them with one of my necklaces and a festive party hat.

For this event, I chose to do a Times Square theme.  I got a great scene setter with the NYC skyline and fireworks going off above... I think it was the best decorating job I've done to date!
There are a lot of pictures....  You may recall this giant clock from my Alice in Wonderland party - works just as well for NYE!  I knew owning a giant cardboard clock would come in handy.
I hung silver tinsel from the entryway to create a dramatic entrance.  All of the silver Christmas stuff was on clearance after the holidays, so it was a great time to plan a silver and black themed party.

I also made some homemade decorations and party favors....

Homemade Party Poppers
and party bags.... I love making party bags!
I obsessed over getting this table just right for days...
Here is a link to the menu:  New Year's Menu

The first thing I served were these delicious Mint Chocolate Martinis.   Of course I used classy Hershey's chocolate syrup for this task.
Then there was soup... Savory Pumpkin Bisque
and more cocktails, of course!  Ginger Rum Shandies
Here I am, running around at top speed trying to get everything ready.  I think it's funny that my hand is moving so fast it's blurry, since that's how I always feel when I host one of these things... like Inspector Gadget!  I need more arms.
On to the dishes...  There was Lobster Passion Fruit Ceviche.  I've made it before, but it's so tasty I couldn't help myself!
And another go to recipe - Pork Gyoza
I keep promising myself I won't make those at parties anymore as they disappear quicker than I can cook them and let's be honest, frying with hot oil is not very elegant.  In fact it's the very reason the lovely red dress I was wearing at the party was ruined!  Oil splatters do not come out of cocktail gowns, ladies!

Here are some action photos... 


And then there were more drinks and dishes....
Did I mention my glorious silver wig?  It's in lots more photos... way more than necessary!  Here is the drink I'm carrying - Times Square Shooter
As I walked through the crowd, balancing a heavy platter of drinks, my friend Kara decided it was the perfect time to plant one on my lips!  I suppose it's a bit suspicious that I have my eyes closed.
Here are some other dishes I served....

I had plenty of festive hats for everyone.

The crowd started to get a bit rowdy as the night wore on.  It probably didn't help that I kept making fancy cocktails.
I think it's legal to post the below photo since these two are married.  Apparently they actually like one another as well.  It's a shocking arrangement.
I did not recommend dancing in the kitchen!  But who could stop them?

Suddenly it seemed like time to make a flaming tray of shots.  Here is a picture of Chad and I arguing about this plan.  Chad, probably a former boy scout, was concerned I might burn the house down (ironic considering what happened a week later).  I stubbornly insisted on setting the shots on fire.  As you can see by the photo, it was a tense negotiation.

Eventually we came to a compromise involving much smaller quantities of Bacardi 151 than I had planned.  Here is a lovely video of us working together to create, and of course, drink, the Midnight Flame.

More pics of happy silly party guests....

And then, after all that gluttony, it was midnight!
Here is a short video montage from the party... thanks to my in-house film director Kyle!

It was a fantastic evening.  We went to bed at 7 am and the light was just filtering through the decorations, illuminating the dancing couple from behind.  It was a startling image.  They looked so beautiful there... still dancing hours after the party had ended!  Happy belated 2012....

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