Monday, March 7, 2011

Astrology Party

What a crazy plan - an astrology party!  I don't know where I came up with this one, but it was fun to prepare for.   I purchased decorations from the party store as usual, but after that, it got a bit strange.  I bought mystical crystals and books online, and tarot cards and a crystal ball from this store: Pyramid Collection New Age Store

I started getting this catalog for no apparent reason about a year ago.  I'm not sure how they got my information, since I don't practice witchcraft, but it is kind of a cool website.  Perfect for this party theme at the very least!

I also purchased some cheap used books from Amazon on astrology and palmistry and scattered them around the house.

I hung up Chinese lanterns, a zodiac chart, printed photos of famous celebrities & their astrological signs, some moon cut-outs, and lit incense and dozens of candles around the house.  I also laid out a pendulum and instructions for using it.

I decorated with a mystical theme, using items relating to Chinese New Year, the Zodiac, Wicca, Numerology, etc.  

I covered my dining room table with a black, starry night plastic tablecloth and laid out the tarot cards with all of the necessary info on doing a reading, and print-outs on palm reading, divination, and the healing power of crystals.  Then I printed out individualized horoscopes (with my own interpretations of course!) for the guests I was expecting.

I also laid out a Ouija board but a few of my friends were so frightened by it I had to put it away!

I scattered the crystals around with information about their uses.

I placed the crystal ball on the table with instructions for using it and encouraged my friends to give it a try.  In this photo, it actually looks like it is filled with light, but it's just the flash of the camera (unfortunately!). 

I made a platter of star shaped sugar cookies, which I decorated with brightly colored sprinkles.  

I also made fortune cookies with silly fortunes that I wrote myself, some relating to the guests I was expecting.  I'll post the recipe and fortune examples on this blog!

I wanted to make this drink - the Scorpion Bowl.  However, it has to be set on fire and uses dry ice for smoke, which Kyle thought would be too dangerous.  I'll have to wait for this experiment until he is out of town.... what a party pooper!

I enlisted one of my friends to read palms - she was nervous and studied before the event, but with plenty of wine, I don't think anyone noticed her lack of expertise!

I ran some mystical films in the living room, like Ghost and Harry Potter, nothing too frightening.
The party was a lot of fun and I think everyone enjoyed learning more about various types of divination and participating in the different activities.

A few people had speculated that the evening might end like a bad horror film, but luckily nothing like that happened.  

However, I was a bit concerned that a possession may have occurred without my knowledge when I saw this photo of Kyle:

Funny horoscopes we wrote for the occasion:

Aries: Your ability to meet life's challenges will be put to the test when you find yourself stranded at an underground senior citizen sex club.

Taurus: Never one to break a promise, you will post bail for your significant other, despite their theft of your valuables and identity.

Gemini: No one will ever know your true self except for the slightly annoyed Starbucks employee who makes your half-decaff frappuccino double foam venti, twice daily.

Cancer: While "retriever-like" may be a compliment in regards to your loyalty, you're certain that the young man who barked at you was actually referring to your face.

Leo: As President of your own fan club and a fabulous leader, you will sense little dissent prior to your impeachment and censure.

Virgo: Being best suited for a profession in beekeeping will cause you much pain in life.

Libra: Alone atop the Empire state building, you curse your romantic nature, but, truthfully, you are just a gullible bastard.

Scorpio: Your jealousy of Richard Nixon's sex appeal is hideously misplaced.

Sagittarius: You will accomplish your lifelong effort for personal fulfillment, but it will be a fleeting moment, as it will only last as long as that Philly Cheese Steak is still in your stomach.

Capricorn: Beware: those who are praised for their sturdiness are often stepped on.

Aquarius: Your swim in the ocean will quickly take a turn for the worse when a deep gash in your leg sets off the cheerful cackling of the dolphins around you.

Pisces: Your love of music, wine and theater, when coupled with your love of spandex, softball, and crystal meth, will doom you to a lifelong fate of being mistaken for a homosexual.

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