Sunday, March 6, 2011

Goodie Bags (for adults)

Goodie bags are fun to make for parties and can add a bit of excitement to any get together. They can be used in many situations - to have something fun to give out at the end of the night, as prizes to make an event more competitive, or just to give guests something to entertain themselves with throughout the night.

For instance, I have given prize bags out at the end of a scavenger hunt and a casino party, awarding the top winners the best bags. I have given them out at at a Christmas party, handing out numbers when people arrived that corresponded with a gift bag that got handed out once everyone arrived.  And I've given them out at the start of a party to break the ice and make sure everyone has something fun to play with to help the event get off the ground.

Adult Gift Bag Ingredients

Plastic or paper gift bags can be purchased at any party store for as cheap as .10 cents

Fill With:

Assorted Candy (can be purchased at the party store, or, more cheaply, at any store, though the regular store won't have nostalgia candy such as fun dip, candy necklaces, pixie sticks, now-and-laters, etc)

Scratch off lottery tickets (the ones that only cost a dollar, of course)


Toys (also found at the party store, they have adorable stuff like: mini etch-a-sketches, noisemakers, fake tattoos, glasses with attached mustaches, mini yo-yos, etc.  Most of this stuff is available in 10 packs for a few dollars, so if you are making a bunch of these, this is the place to go.)

Liquor (mini bottles of champagne, wine, pre-mixed drinks (such as mudslides, sex on the beach, etc)

Personalized keychains (can be purchased at Walgreen's or Target and filled with funny photos of a birthday girl/guy or a photo that commemorates the event)

Other ideas - 

Check out an adult store, they have conversation starters like sexy playing cards (can throw just one in each bag), mints with sexy come-on's, and miniature packets of lube and body paint that are super cheap.

If it's specifically a female only party, they also have a phallus shaped version of pretty much everything you can think of (pens, mints, lollipops, necklaces, etc).

You can also print out jokes, fortunes, or missions (ask each guest to perform a task during the event) and add them to the bags. Enjoy!

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