Thursday, November 3, 2011

Candy Corn Infused Vodka

I just had to make a special infused vodka for Halloween.  I just had to!  This one was easy, tasty, and made an impressive party gift.
3 cups vodka (your fave brand)
1 cup candy corn

And that's it!  The candy corn dissolved pretty fast - after about 12 -20 hours (while I was sleeping).  There was no residue at all - it turned a gorgeous orange and was ready to serve the very next day.
I made several drinks out of this vodka.  The first one I tried, pictured above, was with:

1 shot Candy Corn Vodka
1 shot Cake Batter Vodka
2 shots plain seltzer water

That made a nice, sweet Candy Corn martini.  I also tried adding a shot of cream, which made it more milky.  It still tasted good, but was a bit too heavy for my taste.

In the end, the most popular way to drink this was shots.  The rest of the bottle fell prey to a bunch of Halloween party-goers, who were not intimidated by a bright orange drink.  Enjoy!

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