Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cruise Ship Party

I can't recall exactly where I came up with this idea, but the thought of Kyle dressed as Captain Stubing was too amazing to resist.  Just look at the resemblance!
I dressed as Julie, the Cruise Director, and two of my brothers who were visiting dressed up as well.  My brother Lee dressed as Isaac the Bartender and my brother Ryan dressed as a sailor, one of my crew.  The fake mustaches really completed their looks.
I got a colorful wreath for the door, and advised everyone to come in their best cruise ship attire.  Kyle had the idea of posing for a picture at the helm of the ship and posting it on the entryway, to welcome the passengers aboard.
In the entryway, I filled vases with assorted fruits and put out some travel books, and some little gummy fish and candies.  And my boarding checklist, which was a very important part of my costume.

Each time someone arrived, I asked to see their boarding pass (which didn't always go over well.... a few people got confused and thought I was serious about that), gave them a lei, and had them take a photo with the captain.
I got a bunch of decorations from Shindigz, my favorite spot to buy excessively large party stuff, like the ship's wheel, and the waves.
The living room was the ship's deck.  I draped fish netting over all the furniture and stuck little blow up fish, sharks and tropical birds in it.
I hung signs for the various parts of the ship (buffet, lounge, disco) and portholes on the wall, so that we could look out at the sea...

Then for the dining room!  I got a great scene setter of a ship's deck.  As you can see, we are headed toward a few islands.
And of course I hung plastic anchors and life savers all around!
I got a really cute bamboo table runner and scattered little sea shells and plastic sea animals around it.  I also found some really great appetizer plates (end of summer sale!) that had lobsters and starfish on them that were perfect for the event.
Also, at the party store they have started doing something that is perfect for someone with OCD like me - color coordinated candy!  They don't really look like candy - the colors are so vivid that people are kind of afraid to eat them.  But they are just blue M&Ms, really, not marbles!
This hula girl is leading the way to the buffet.  I got this blow up cooler-like item online.  The day after I bought it, a friend of mine sent me a link to this very thing!  You fill it with ice and then place any cold food or beverages in it.  I must admit it is intended to be used outside, and it was a bit difficult to empty it at the end of the party without spilling gallons of melted ice water on the floor!
The hula girl and I had a small altercation later in the party...  just a misunderstanding.
The black socks are really the best part of the outfit.
I served a bunch of different tropical foods and beverages.  Here is a link to the menu - Cruise Ship Party Menu

No cruise ship would be complete without an array of drinks with little umbrellas in them!  I made three cocktails, a couple of which were my own concoctions, and then the most incredible jello shots of all time!

Come on... they are adorable!  And delicious!

Here's a fun video of us drinking a few after dinner shots....
The bar was also outfitted in tropical style.
At a certain point, Captain Masterson started drinking.  I don't endorse it, of course, but I have to be honest and let you know that is what happened.  It started with the rum.
Then came the moonshine.
 This is when the ship started to get a little shaky.
For food, I made some seafood and some grilled items.  And beer cheese in the shape of a fish!

Beer Cheese

Yes, I made two appetizers wrapped in bacon.  It seemed like the right thing to do, and no one seemed to have an issue with it.

Don't worry, I did also make a salad!

Crab Papaya Salad
For entrees, I made Kalua Pig, and a few things on the grill.

Pimento Cheese Sliders
By this time, our Captain was a little sloshed, and he performed a bit of a dance for us.

Finally, dessert!  Just a couple of light and fruity items.

Eventually the Captain changed clothes and tried on the afro.
It was a fun party and the next morning, I found a strange gift on the couch.  A single abandoned mustache.  No one has contacted me to retrieve it, but don't worry, I have it in a safe place until I find a good home for it.