Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stru-Duel: A Match for the Ages

In advance of our Oktoberfest party, Kyle challenged me to a Stru-Duel.  I must admit I was a bit cocky about the competition.  The mere fact that I had made a strudel before, and knew what ingredients should go in one, seemed to give me a clear advantage.

Kyle rarely cooks, and when he said he was going to make a strawberry strudel, I was skeptical.  I had never even heard of a strawberry strudel!  I was certain I was in the lead when Kyle looked at his recipe (which I, in a foolish moment of camaraderie, printed for him) and asked me what phyllo dough was.

We served the strudels side by side and let the party guests cast their votes.  Mine was drizzled with honey, garnished with pecans, and served with vanilla ice cream.  Kyle's seemed paltry in comparison.  I was sure I had this in the bag.
One by one, the votes came in.  It was 8-0, Strawberry, before I even got a single vote.  Rather insulting considering that I cooked every one of the other courses, decorated the apartment, and put on a dress to welcome these taste bud deprived rubes...

The strawberry, it's just so fresh... they explained.  It's so unexpected.  The strawberry is so tart.  It's my favorite fruit....  On and on it went.

In the end, it was a landslide.

Strawberry Strudel -              12 votes
Apple Strudel -                        5 votes
Undecided -                             2 polite flip-floppers

I have to say, the Stru-Duel was an utter embarrassment.  Kyle may be running this blog from now on.  Except I'm not sure he knows what a blog is.  But if he figures it out, I'm sure it will be better than mine....

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